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  • 15 Regrets Everyone Has After Freshman Year of College

    15 Regrets Everyone Has After Freshman Year of College0

    Freshman year of college is full of unknowns. Will you have friends? Will you gain the dreaded “freshman 15”? Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a college grad, everyone knows that freshman year is a learning experience, and that you’re bound to have a few regrets.

  • Facebook Releases A Tool To Celebrate Marriage Equality!

    Facebook Releases A Tool To Celebrate Marriage Equality!0

    Facebook celebrates #LoveWins   Today we celebrate the historical passing of the legalization of gay marriage across all 50 states by the SCOTUS. To show off your gay pride, Facebook wanted to join in and show their support and help us out. If you visit the celebrate pride page on facebook, it will show you

  • 16 Famous Reptiles You Might Have Forgotten About0

    Reptiles aren’t typically known for their cute and cuddly qualities. But they do make great characters for entertainment as evidenced by pop culture. Over the years, these few famous reptile friends made all the difference in the books, movies, and shows they were in. Do you remember them all?   1. Reptar – You might

  • 22 Reasons Why Reptiles Make Terrifying Pets

    22 Reasons Why Reptiles Make Terrifying Pets0

    1. Their smiles are the scariest thing you can possibly see:

  • 14 Things Every True Pizza Lover Should Have

    14 Things Every True Pizza Lover Should Have0

    Pizza Lovers Rejoice! We have trolled the internet to bring you the 14 must-have things that every true pizza lover should have. Get your wallets ready because you are going to be going on a little virtual shopping spree today! 1. Honestly, how is summer supposed to get turnt up if you don’t have this

  • Have You Ever Been Asked To Send Nudes? Send These Instead.

    Have You Ever Been Asked To Send Nudes? Send These Instead.0

    We’ve all experienced those dreadful moments when the guy/girl you’re talking to on Tinder asks you for nudes or “something sexy”. Bleh. Can someone turn the lights back on cuz that was like the biggest turn off EVER?!

  • If Napoleon Dynamite Quotes Were Motivational Posters.

    If Napoleon Dynamite Quotes Were Motivational Posters.0

    Napoleon Dynamite Gets Motivational!   Napoleon Dynamite is one of the most “laugh on the inside” movies there ever was. From Tina the llama, to Deb with her lovely sleeves, and “vote for Pedro” Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite is one of the few movies we wish had a sequel. This movie gets five stars for mindlessly hilarious.

  • Don’t Scratch That Bug Bite! Try These 9 Tips Instead.

    Don’t Scratch That Bug Bite! Try These 9 Tips Instead.0

    Summer is here! It’s summer, which means it’s time to break out your bathing suit, sunglasses, watermelon, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent. That’s right, folks, summer time is feeding time for those pesky blood-sucking a$$holes we call mosquitos. Did you know that when a mosquito sticks her proboscis into you (sexy, eh?) and sucks blood from

  • 8 Online Shopping Hacks You Didn’t Know About

    8 Online Shopping Hacks You Didn’t Know About0

    If you’re a Millennial, you’re likely familiar with the satisfaction that comes with having a package of shiny, exciting, and brand-spankin’ new clothes delivered right to your doorstep. Forget the days of overcrowded parking garages, elbowing your way through the masses at the mall, and paying retail prices– why do all that when you can

  • 11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dunkin Donuts

    11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dunkin Donuts0

    Oh Dunkin Donuts. Clearly Dunkin is one of the most well-known and beloved coffee and donut brands in the US. But there is a lot about Dunkin that even their most loyal customers may not know. We did some digging, had some coffee, and put together this facts about Dunkin that we’re willing to bet will

  • 10 Things to Consider When Considering Adopting A Reptile0

    Are you lonely? Do you often yearn for the sweet sweet company of an animal companion but fear committing to a furry friend because of all the mess? Are you a T-Rex lover and Animorph enthusiast? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should totally consider adopting a reptile. Good news for you, June

  • The Most Badass Celebrity Feminism Quotes Ever0

    Feminism has remained a hot topic over the years, and lately, the pop culture world has been talking about feminism a lot. One of the most asked questions in any celebrity interview is, “would you call yourself a feminist?” Because of the negative connotation surrounding the word, a lot of people and celebs alike are

  • 25 Reasons Why We’re Thankful For Our Best Friends

    25 Reasons Why We’re Thankful For Our Best Friends0

    Best friends. Some people have lots, some people have few, and although they’re all different, each one of them is extraordinary for loving us the way they do. It’s fair to say that most of us probably wouldn’t be who we are today without our best friends in our life. With everything our best friends

  • 17 Of The Best, Somewhat Embarrassing Celebrity Throwback Photos Ever

    17 Of The Best, Somewhat Embarrassing Celebrity Throwback Photos Ever0

    There’s nothing quite like making your day better by laughing at embarrassing pictures of others, especially celebrities. Now that they are famous and flawless 24/7, it’s good to know that they too were once just as awkward and normal as the rest of us. From the bad, to ugly, to downright awful, these somewhat embarrassing

  • Days Of The Week Featuring Cats0

    Oh, the nine-to-five, M-F struggle. The only good part about the work week is looking forwards to the weekend, amiright? To help you get through the terrible mundane-ness of the Monday through Friday grind, we’ve turned to our favorite furry companions to personify our angst; aka days of the week featuring cats. Because why not.

  • 14 Ways to Show Your Cat You Care0

    Having a feline friend can be… Tricky. Not only do you have to change her litterbox and feed her on a fixed and rigid time schedule, you’re also expected to make her feel special. We know you’re busy yet you need some new ideas on how to keep her coming back, so we came up

  • 11 Of The Most Genius Beauty Hacks Ever.0

    No one said that being a girl was easy and if they did, they were lying! The constant struggle of wanting to be Beyonce – screw it, i’ll settle for looking like her, but not having enough time in the day to do so can be tough. Here is our list of the most genius

  • 10 Of The Weirdest Fashion Trends Ever0

    Obviously, it’s up to individuals, nations, communities, groups of people to decide what exactly constitutes “fashion” which is part of what makes it such a great medium for expression. There are no rights and wrongs in fashion, but as you’ll see in this post, there are some hits and misses… Read on to find out

  • Kanye Quotes That Will Inspire You Like Crazy0

    What happens when you mix musical talents with too much narcissism, sprinkles of brilliance, and tablespoons of deep thoughts? Yezuz. That’s right, folks, we’ve dedicated this article to Kanye quotes. The first human being to ever be called an “asshole” by a U.S President, Kanye is our inspiration for this compilation of quotes. Better yet,

  • 17 People Who Can’t Even Right Now0

    Are you someone who can’t even right now? You’re probably at work, supposed to be cracking away at the mile long list that your manager gave you, but yet here you are, on Statisfy, reading this article. Why? Because YOU JUST CAN’T EVEN. We feel your pain and are here to help. You might think


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