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  • 17 People Who Can’t Even Right Now0

    Are you someone who can’t even right now? You’re probably at work, supposed to be cracking away at the mile long list that your manager gave you, but yet here you are, on Statisfy, reading this article. Why? Because YOU JUST CAN’T EVEN. We feel your pain and are here to help. You might think

  • The Worst Dating Advice Ever

    The Worst Dating Advice Ever0

    If you’re single and trying to mingle, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard your fair share of dating advice, whether you asked for it or not. From our resident serial dater here’s our list of the worst dating advice ever. Unfortunately, some of this advice is far too common and we’ve all been told at

  • Bad Blood or Just Bad?0

    Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ video has been making it’s way across the internet faster than a frat guy can ask a girl to go up to his room. Some say it’s the worst thing they have ever seen and some revel at the fact that she got so many famous women in one room to

  • Are You Basic?0

    Are you basic? Did you order extra whip with your frap at Starbucks this morning? Do you find yourself using the word “hashtag” regularly in conversation? Are YOLO, LOL and NSFW crucial components of your vocabulary? If you’ve experienced any or all of these symptoms, newsflash: you may be a basic person. Please, remain calm.

  • Betches Get Married0

    Betches get married:   Spotting betchy bride-to-be’s is just about as easy as spotting spots on a dalmatian; they’re everywhere. The engagement announcement comes via instagram (duh) with a picture of her boyfriend sleeping next to her dog with the caption, “My favorite men #blessed #fiance(!)” Luckily, the basic bride finds pleasure in the little

  • Let’s Talk Juice Cleanses0

    Let’s talk: Juice cleanses   As all betches know, nothing says summertime than starting up a new cleanse. “Oh my goddd bikini season is here! I better survive the next two weeks on liquid alone or I’m totallyyyy fu**ed!!” But we also know that finding a source for your trendy beverage needs can be difficult,

  • The Comeback Workout and The Cycle of Doom0

    Maybe you’ve been sick, or you got injured. Perhaps you’ve been on vacation, or got too busy at work or school (Netflix) but either way, you’ve managed to go without exercising for a totally unacceptable amount of time. Then you have some terrible awakening that if you don’t get your a$$ off the couch you’ll

  • Treat Your Inner Goddess With These 50 Shades Best Quotes0

    Let’s talk 50 Shades of Grey. At this point, you’ve either read it and loved it, haven’t read it but still hate it, or started, got 5 pages in before making a hasty donation to your local Books To Prisoners program.   But for those of you that have read it and loved it, I

  • How To Be A Feminist: 13 Actionable Steps to Take Today0

    Has your pick up game been negatively effected by your misogyny? Are you looking to pick up some brownie points in your small, liberal arts classroom? Are you trying to impress a chick that won’t give you the time of day? If you’ve said yes to any of the prior questions, clearly you need to

  • 15 Ways to Look Smarter, Instantly0

    Ways to Look Smarter: Clearly, we can’t all be Marie Curie’s; some of us are born with intellect, while others, well, aren’t. For those of us that came up short in the genetic lottery, there are many a trick we can use to make ourselves seem smarter to the outside smart-people world. It’s like that

  • 25 Times When White People Failed at Infomercials0

    There’s something about poor acting by white people and the ridiculous plot lines of infomercials that go together so well. Infomercials are the perfect combination of a very basic situation turning into a horrific problem that can only be fixed by a product that is ALWAYS $19.95. Somehow, you are always told to wait, because…you

  • 13 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts For Broke College Kids0

    Being a college student, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re broke, bored, and laden with empty wine bottles. Oh those empty bottles…they sit, staring at you reeking of stale alcohol and regret, waiting for you to drag your lazy a$$ to the grocery store to return them, or stick them out on the curb

  • The Ultimate 420 List: Best Movies to Watch High0

    Happy 4/20! Although we have absolutely no idea how the holiday originated, and are too stoned ourselves to look it up, we do know one thing– celebrating 420 is wayyy easier than preparing for any other holiday. Forget the presents and decor, all you really need is your home girl Mary J and your friend’s

  • 33 Reasons Why Single Is Better0

    Single? Lonely? Just got out of a relationship? Trying to give your mom some reasons that you’re not just a poor, pathetic girl who can’t find a boyfriend? This list is for you! Contrary to popular belief, being single is no reason to sit around and mope. In fact, we think it’s means for celebration!

  • 3 Shocking Facts About Energy Drinks

    3 Shocking Facts About Energy Drinks0

    Red Bull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy – We’ve all heard of them and we’ve all drank them. But did you know these three shocking facts about our favorite pick me ups?


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