The 7 Hottest Fashion Trends For Fall

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Trends change so quickly, it can be difficult to keep track! That’s why we’ve compiled this article, which features several of the most trendy items that have recently become prominent in magazines, on celebs, and on the streets. The best part is that anyone can pull off these items, and they are available from a wide variety of retailers — … Read More

7 Unique And Fun Activities To Do With Your Friends

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Hanging out with friends is always fun, but it’s not uncommon to get stuck in a rut with your plans. That’s exactly why we’ve compiled this list of interesting activities that are not only entertaining, but deviate from the norm in the best way possible and are the perfect bonding exercise for you and your crew! You’ll never want to … Read More

6 Cool Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

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Heat waves have been scorching the U.S. this summer, with temperatures over 100 degrees and high humidity everywhere you look. With peak summer season fast approaching, we want to keep cool just as much as you. Here are some quick and easy ways to stay cool this summer. Check out more great articles like this one on DailyBreak!

7 Web Comics That Will Definitely Make Your Day

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Web Comics

Web comics are like the hidden gems in life. They’re things that make our work days more tolerable and study sessions, well, less studious (for all you students who struggle in trying not to get distracted). If you’re one for relatable moments, first world problems, and the hilarious daily struggles of life, then you should totally check out these artists … Read More

Stop Letting The Little Things in Life Annoy You

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Watercolor background

  This blog post is inspired by The Wisdom Project by David Allan, editorial director of CNN Health and Wellness.     Annoyances are a common and unfortunately unavoidable part of everyday life. No matter how much zen we introduce into our routines, the stress and anxiety won’t completely disappear. Trust me, I deal with it too. Quickly, all the … Read More

8 Nutritious and Delicious Junk Food Swaps

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Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.31.27 PM

It’s National Junk Food day, and if you’re craving something decadent, you’re not alone! While indulging in classic treats is okay once in a while, it also can be a good thing to take a break from the salt, sugar, and grease and explore more nutritious options. Below are some of our favorite swaps— once you start substituting these recipes … Read More

16 Satisfying Images That Will Leave You in Total Bliss

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Satisfying Images

Are you feeling stressed and battered from your everyday life? What makes you feel relaxed? A soak in the tub, treating yourself to a pint of vanilla ice cream, or spending one night of binge-watching your fave tv show? If there’s one thing that can lead one into a state of total bliss, it’s looking at visually satisfying images. 😌

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, But We Ranked The Top 50 Greatest Pokémon Of All Time

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I have taken on the almost impossible feat of ranking all the original Pokémon. There are technically 150 OG Pokémon total, so I narrowed it down to 50 (only in their original form— no evolutions) and ranked them from there, followed by some honorable mentions at the bottom. Please note, all opinions are my own and the GameBoy Pokémon Blue … Read More

12 Tech Toys Your Kids Will Love

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Need a little extra Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in your kids’ lives this summer? Check out these cool tech toys that are not only fun but will help get your kid ahead of the curve. This list was put together by our friends DailyBreak. Check out more of their stuff at

15 Life Lessons We Learned From Legally Blonde

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In honor of the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde, and in celebration of all things pink, bedazzled, and just, we proudly present the 15 life lessons we learned from the iconic movie. It’s the ultimate girl power film, and beneath its sparkly exterior, there are some serious lessons that we could all benefit from embracing. So read on!

10 Cupcake Flavors That Will Blow Your Mind

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Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.43.09 AM

Perfectly proportioned, decadently moist, and with more frosting (ratio-wise) than an actual cake, cupcakes are the way to go when you’re craving a sweet treat. The hardest part is choosing just one flavor! We narrowed down some of our favorites below to hopefully make the decision easier for you. Whether you’re vegan, paleo, or have a phobia of chocolate in … Read More

How To Order Gluten-Free At Your Favorite Chain Restaurants

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A gluten free breads on wood background

For many people with celiac disease, avoiding gluten is essential for good health, as even the tiniest piece of gluten-containing foods can send those afflicted into a tailspin. As awareness of this autoimmune condition spreads, there are fortunately more choices for those who need to avoid it. These restaurants happily all have gluten-free options, although for those with celiac disease, … Read More

Which Of These Out-Of-The-Box Sports Should You Try?

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Hydro Zorbing. Rotorua zorb site.  Rotorua. New Zealand.  Model releases 569 - 571

With the fitness focus on the rise, traditional sports have been transformed into fascinating recreational activities performed all over the world. Whether you are looking for a new sport, or for an activity fit for the whole family there is sure to be an out-of-the-box sport for you. Read this article to learn about a few sports you have probably … Read More

11 Ways How Pokémon Go Is Changing Our Lives

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Pikachu Pokemon Go

Ever since its release, Pokémon Go has taken over the world by storm. In less than a week it’s gone viral and more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon of experiencing this immersive game. I mean, who wouldn’t want to pass the chance of becoming a PokéMaster? 😁 Even though there’s a bit of good and bad when … Read More